Talking Town Hall

A page from our Engagement Report

Portobello Central is the working name for a project to bring back to life Portobello Town Hall, closed in 2019.

A small group based in the community is assembling a bid to put to the City of Edinburgh Council which has offered the building for let: 

“The Council is seeking a tenant to provide a sustainable future for this important historic building.  Ideally the proposed future use should include community benefits and facilities.”

Portobello is a lively community which lacks a real centre of life – as a town hall once was.  We have excellent community facilities in Bellfield and The Wash House but creating Portobello Central provides for the bigger, noisier events that neither of those can provide.  Alongside other local venues, Portobello Central could be a daily hub for our village life – a place that people drop into at all times of the day.

We want to explore with our community what the larger venue would enable: dancing of all kinds is a first call, shows on stage of all kinds, art, craft, music, fitness, children, cinema.  Much of this has paused since the Town Hall closed, leaving a dark space in our centre.  Gradually, people just walk past, going elsewhere to get what used to be here in our community. Read our report.


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