Things Beginning to Stir

Facebook has been rumbling – is something going to happen to bring the Town Hall back to life?

Well, yes.  That’s a bit tentative as there are many things to sort out  but so far the group has not hit a showstopper. 

The group?  At the end of January a small group got together to follow through an excellent meeting held in August 2019 at Bellfield. That meeting revealed just how many different uses there had been for the building and how more could be found.  

The job this time is different as the City of Edinburgh seems willing to hand over the building to the right lessee, with repairs to be handled by the new tenant.  The Council allowed a wider group including architects, lighting and sound people, prospective users to spend a couple of hours understanding the building, its potential and problems.

Overall, it seems in not bad condition. The rumours (as rumours do) had painted a picture of devastation and imminent collapse – there was not much sign of that.  Even so, some has to certify that it safe – and that will happen.  Money is needed but not all at once, a phased programme of repairs and refurbishment is being worked up.  Leave the complexities to the group.

Ready to ascend

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