We are getting underway to have 300 conversations in 30 days about what people want from Portobello Town Hall. Our websites is open (you know that, you are reading this), our Facebook page has almost 900 members, our mailing list is growing.

“Conversation” can mean anything – a Twitter chat, an email exchange and we are trying out Zoom meetings (which could be 1:1 or a bigger group) and if you have a good way of engaging with us please get in touch.

What do we want to know?

  • There is a glorious history of over a century of activity: remind us of what that was.
  • There are the alternatives that you may have been using in recent years
  • The way in which community life runs is bound to change (at least for some years) so how can the Town Hall, our biggest space, contribute?

And, even if you can’t see how to do what you want to do, let us know and we will find people to work out alternatives.

Sign up to our mailing list – that’s how we can set up our conversation with you.

Google Earth May 2016

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