First results from our 300 Conversations

We’ve not asked tightly drawn questions because we don’t want to lose ideas, memories, experiences that people might think don’t fit the mission of bringing the Town Hall back into our community. So we have “no holds barred” results.

Have a look at the Wordle below – it summarises what people have said – the bigger the letters the more people mentioned it. There are surprising omissions – if an activity or event you want is not mentioned here (or is not big enough) please complete the survey form on the 300 Conversations page. If you can, join one of our Zoom chats – lively, short, informal, people like you.

Don’t just assume it will be mentioned – please tell us direct, that’s what makes it usable in our plans

The Key Words by 26 June

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  1. This is so exciting. I’ve often wondered why the town hall has not already been chosen as a venue for the International Edinburgh Festival or Fringe. North Berwick hosts Fringe By The Sea. Why not Portobello ?
    Due to my experiences running nights in Edinburgh and stages at music festivals, I would grab the opportunity to use this space for family friendly music and dance events. Porty has a wonderful artistic and musical community and this space would provide wonderful opportunity for these creatives to come together and make some noise!

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