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This evening we had our regular Monday meeting on Zoom. It was the first time we all got ‘face to face’ since Thursday decision but there had been various celebrations by different members at various points. We took a moment to share where we’d got to and it was down to business. When can we expect to hear from the council officially and what do we expect them to say? What does the ‘accelerate the process’ mean for us? 

We’re planning a strategy away day this Sunday to thrash out our plan, consider governance and to try and set up a structure that works, harnessing volunteer offers too. We need to chase up OSCR about our SCIO application and plan for a public meeting soon too. We’re writing our stage 1 application for the Scottish Government Regeneration fund in partnership with the council. It is due 17th June but we want to get a draft to our council contact this week so as to be able to tweak our bid. It is a highly competitive fund. The National Lottery team will meet first week in June so we should hear about our Awards for All application for £10K to fund a development worker on a project basis. We hope to hear soon enough if we have secured any Town Centre Regeneration funds from the Council – not something we can apply for but we understand we are in the running. We updated SLF on CEC decision and hope to start on their Stage 1 application soon too. The architects are working through their piece and some of the PC team are meeting the business case consultant on Wed.  

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