Social media influencers….

Anyone ever met one? 

Yesterday I got to meet and hang out with the lovely young lady behind @exploringedinburgh, Shawna Law. Shawna has a mind-boggling 57k followers. I thought I hadn’t heard of her but it turns out I nearly bought her book as a Christmas present for my niece. 

Shawna had been commissioned by Material who in turn were commissioned by the Scottish Land Commission to raise awareness around the importance of land and its effect on everyday life.  Intriguing approach by the Scottish Land Commission to use social influencers, well intriguing to me who rarely uses Instagram but I’m open to it. 

Originally she was coming to see Bellfield and hear about Action Porty but soon enough the Porty Central story came out too and the visit was arranged to encompass the two venues.

In fact we had a good wander round the streets of Porty, chatting and taking in the sites and stories. Morag and I took her for tea and cake in ‘Cake and Candy’ after the tour of the venues so a full Porty experience was had! 

The story of the two buildings does overlap and interlink with regard to community empowerment and building capacity, so hopefully some of that will come through in the Instagram posts. 

The real irony? I didn’t take a single photo when I was with her. Not one. I was too busy chatting away. 

Rest of Porty Central business today was about our new ‘corporate’ emails that have been set up by Geoff (I’ve not tried them out yet) and feedback from SCVO on our constitution document. 

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