Consultants, Cuties and Cats

Our consultants (funded mostly by the Architectural Heritage Fund) Munro Allison Architects and Rob Robinson Heritage Consulting have been in touch to arrange a meeting mid June to take us through their first stage report. That is exciting. What needs done? What might it cost? What future ideas and uses will they have for us? 

Other than sending dates for that meeting, the only other thing that could be called Porty Central business on my part, was walking and talking with Rosy Naylor of Art Walk Porty to see how Portobello Central and/or Action Porty might use the buildings we have to develop artistic projects, perhaps even residencies. Nothing concrete decided. It really was a meet and chat conversation. But it was a good conversation. 

Morag got some really cute cards delivered today with are to thank our leafleters. Those should be delivered in the next few days.  I feel the need to record for posterity that yesterday evening, as I was walking home from the shops, just outside Porty Town Hall, a beautiful black cat crossed my path and ambled on into the Town Hall grounds at the Bank of Scotland side. I am taking this as an auspicious good omen and signing off there.

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