Lamps for Life

Owen Hand posted on Facebook that he hoped the Town Hall lamp standards will be brought back into operation.  That reminded me that the listed building status of the building depends in part on the ironwork.  Originally, the Town Hall had a front garden where the pavement now is and the railings were in a straight line along the street.

When the motor car was given dominance the lanes of traffic were increased and end-on parking introduced, depriving the Town Hall of a grand entrance.  One thought would be to improve the area by reintroducing a town square feel, with a meeting place in front of the Hall, perhaps big enough for events.  That would require a lot of thought and consultation – but it would add to the “New Life for the Heart of Portobello” concept we are working to.

Meanwhile, inside, the metalwork extends to original gas lights and gaslit “Exit” signs which will be restored, probably with low energy light sources if that can be done in line with protecting the original.

Energy management will be a major concern for the future of the building – this will require investment but should contribute to another century of life for the building.

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