Ready to order? When do we order our sign for Portobello Town Hall?

Our weekly discussions last night acknowledged we are in an odd place of waiting: waiting for SCIO approval, waiting for a conversation about 20minute neighbourhoods, waiting for the invitation to the table to negotiate with the Council, waiting for the output from the architects meanwhile funding deadlines charge towards us and require fully costed, fully developed plans. There was debate as to whether these next weeks over summer will have little or lots going on. I’m in the lots camp but we all have to remember this is all run by volunteers, all the team taking this on are volunteers – skilled, passionate, hard-working volunteers but volunteers all the same, usually with day jobs. Folks do Porty Central stuff cause they want to, cause we can achieve amazing stuff but there are sometimes huge expectations put on community groups. There was discussion about how to bring in wider help but to keep the structure formal.

There was a good bit of discussion about how to tap into creative community and have them see the building as theirs. We definitely didn’t solve that one but it is an on-going theme.  Any bright ideas?

That’s the high level musings.

Daily details:

The architects’ meeting is booked – 17th June – same day as the Stage 1 application for the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund  goes in.

The next nine days, but really till Monday 14th will be focused for me on refining that document along with my colleague, Geoff.

Lynn has some conversations starting with Unltd and FirstPort about supporting our social enterprise.

Seeking to finalise date with Scottish Land Fund contact, hopefully for 15th June.

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