We’re in the news, the local news at least. The latest copies of The Portobello Reporter are being delivered and we were a front cover story! 

No word from the Council themselves on next steps which is getting to be a gie long time. Maybe it’s time for us to prod them before holiday season for really sets in and the schools break up? 

[Stop Press! Today, 10 June, the Policy and Sustainability Committee is discussing 20 Minute Neighbourhoods – a key feature of New Life for the Heart of Portobello. Geoff]

It’s interesting trying to book a meeting with our architects and consultant. It has had us scouring the Level 2 Covid-19 documentation to work out what is allowed. We get that you’ve to work from home where possible and we’ve worked almost exclusively on zoom or walking meetings but sometimes e.g. when looking at drawings, having the physical document to touch and question is necessary. To that end we want to physically meet with the architects. 

It seems 6 people from three households are allowed to meet indoors socially and then again up to 100 people can meet for events. We reckon ours is a business event and at 8 attendees from 7 households if we wear masks, social distance, ventilate the room, wash hands and wipe everything down afterwards for the next people we’ll be okay. We’re looking to hire a room at Bellfield for the occasion. What will we be presented with?

What will the Sept edition of the Porty Reporter be reporting about Porty Town Hall?

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