There is something lovely about meeting in the garden on a cool fresh evening.  Especially if the friend brings cake!   The heavy heat of the day had melted away.  The relief of a breeze that tickled the back of my neck and shoulders and made the leaves on our sycamore crackle, was a simple joy.

Jennifer & I had a very pleasant hour, tackling my list of questions and discussing strategies.  I was also delighted to find that I wasn’t  the only one,  that had not got round to Geoff’s instructions,  as to how to attach our new personal emails.    As usual Jen got it done in 5 minutes and I followed her lead.    We felt very proud of ourselves.  

This week we made sure that all the volunteers,  that delivered leaflets for us, got a wee thank-you card.   Jen delivered to people she knew and I did the others.  The card we chose showing our fabulous Town Hall was painted by local artist Rhanna Baldwin.  Her painting is full of  energy, colour & humour.   She has captured all the activities  that the Town Hall has hosted in the past and going to do in the future, spilling out onto the pavement.  This is a lady who really ‘gets’ our vision.

I, myself, continue to network.  Making contacts within the events and promotions industries and also looking at some exciting projects such as the Traditional  Dance Forum of Scotland which promotes traditional  dance in the community and also a group that choreographs dance for people in wheelchairs.   So lots of potential for running an integrated and inclusive building.

I had to put some hours in at my day job this week, but I am finding that running a dance school and working on the Portobello Central project complement each other in many ways.

That seems to be my report of the week.   Felt I shouldn’t  leave the blogging to poor Jen and Geoff.  Though I must say I find Geoff & Jen’s blogs very interesting.

Stay safe.

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