Busy, Bubbly, Buzzy

The roof space

A buzzy, busy team meeting on Zoom yesterday evening. By the end everyone was there and we were joined by a potential new member for the second half. We all had a wee celebration over the Awards for All grant then it was down to checking with Will and Damian where they are with the job spec and advert. Written by the end of the month is the plan. 

Other exciting news was that Geoff had received the architects’ report and drawings an hour or so before the meeting. He’d only glanced at them but was pleased with some of the ideas and innovations he’d picked up so far. That will be my homework – to read that before Thursday’s meeting. Oh, we’ve decided to revert to Zoom as getting the numbers we have indoors seemed just too difficult/unclear/not allowed under the current Level 2 guidelines as far as we could work out. Maybe next time. 

Today’s excitement is meeting with our new contact at Scottish Land Fund this morning. Meanwhile I picked up yesterday that a new SLF committee has been appointed. Makes for interesting reading. 

Last night when browsing Facebook I noticed North Edinburgh Arts and Whale with others are advertising for a project co-ordinator   as part of their successful Culture Collective funding award from Creative Scotland . Porty Central were part of a bid led by Action Porty for that same fund but were not successful. Doesn’t mean I’ve given up on that as part of a vision for Portobello. Fancy the post? 

Must pay Morag for her expenses in getting the thank you cards printed. For now that means finding the cheque book and getting double signatures but Geoff is working on getting double approval payment processes on our Triodos bank account. I’ll need to login to our online banking and look out for the arrival in our account of the Awards for All cash.

I hope tomorrow will be a positive summary of the SLF meeting. Till then, au revoir. 

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