The Council works towards “asset transfer”

We had our weekly group meeting last night and it was a good meeting. 

Main update was we are booked to meet with the Council contacts on morning of Thursday 25th first thing. This the start of the official process. We’ll share the draft Project Viability  Report and Architects Drawings with them before that meeting.

We also got a very exciting email in from a different but related Council contact late last night to say that Portobello Town Hall is one of the projects being put forward in the report for Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP) funds. Porty Town Hall is Project 10 in the report, page 16 if you fancy a read.

The Town Hall from the PBIP paper

This report on allocating the Council’s share of funds from the Scottish Government “Place Based Investment Programme” is scheduled to be considered at Housing, Homelessness, and Fair Work Committee this Friday (25th) and the webcast of the Committee will be able to be watched at .

It is hoped the Committee will agree allocations this Friday. The Town Hall is one of 14 very worthy projects. The funds available are oversubscribed so inevitably some projects will not receive funding. 

Keep everything crossed for Portobello Central being part of this.

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