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Portobello and our community spirit get highlighted in this Edinburgh Live article as part of the #mylandscotland campaign. I feel like I’ve seen that woman in the photo somewhere before….?

You’ll possibly remember Morag and I had the lovely Shawna from @exploringedinburgh over to visit back in early June (see blog from 3rd June). Well she’d got busy sharing stories of her visit on Instagram last night. I am an Instagram newbie but I know enough to know stories are visible only for 24 hours. Shawna had done a similar story for Bellfield a few days ago and I’d sought the skills of my 14 year old daughter to learn how to capture the stories. I called on my girl again to save Shawna’s @portobellocentral stories about Portobello Town Hall and am happy to report they have been captured in a ‘highlight’ on our Instagram page.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog tricks (if the dog has access to a digital native pup)? I’ll need to show Morag about these highlights. She’s all for embracing new technologies and has worked our Instagram since we very tentatively set it up.

I tell you, getting involved in community projects doesn’t half build skill sets! 

Have a good day. Tomorrow we (virtually) sit with the Council officials at 9am. 

Waverley Court – where most Council officers are not, currently.

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  1. I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with Jen. In a project as big as this, we are all working not just in our comfort zone but edging into different territory. Its exciting and an opportunity to learn new things. We do know however when we need to call in the professionals such as our amazing architect & heritage cconsultants. The next wee while we have irons in the fire but awaiting for answers from various organisations such as the council , the architects, surveys and funders. These answers we will know very soon so getting ready for a massive leap forward is what we are doing at moment. I see these answers as a very taut elastic band, tense and alert. The moment these answers hit us we let go of the elastic and PING we have lift off. Get ready for the G- forces.

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