On the day he left Towerbank..

Today’s blog will be short and sweet. I’m on a half day to celebrate my boy leaving Towerbank Primary School. My Towerbank days are done and so are his.

There is a bonkers feeling of euphoria in Porty Fish Park which matches my own……..


Plenty rope to hang ourselves now! I’m dancing in the park! Chat tomorrow!

Jennifer’s blog #25

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  1. Totally high as a kite over this news. This money will be a godsend to speed up making the building wind and water tight and making ceiling safe ready for opening. I think we may well make our target opening for April 2022. 😃
    * On another note. Pity Jen & other parents having to clean flour and eggs of P7 clothes. Sound like a fun time for #towerbankprimary leavers.

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