Driving Ahead

The Committee arrives to inspect Portobello Town Hall

One significant, successful, funding award and I’m back deep into the writing of a funding application. 

This time it is Stage 1 Scottish Land Fund (SLF) and needs to be in by July 16th but I’m holidaying early July so I want it to be done sooner. It is not an onerous application, the guidance is clear and we have a supportive project worker and a team looking at it in the committee, so I can’t complain on any of those fronts. 

The tricky part is fitting all the parts together – funding pots and timescales, including aligning what we ask for in this one and what we request of the Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) second tranche. 

We’ll need to find out if any of the £350k of PBIP money can be spent on professional fees to get us from draft architects’ drawings and a draft project viability report to contracting the construction guys to do the work or if it really is only capital works. The construction industry are busy these days so we need to get them booked soon and to get them booked there are a fair few steps and spends to happen. Discussions with the Council and architects are under way.

Tomorrow (Monday) is the regular team zoom. There will be plenty to talk about. 

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  1. Poor Jen. She doesn’t enjoy fund applications. She may say its straight forward but actually its a lot of work. Some applications require an essay and some need financial details for things that haven’t happened yet. Don’t underestimate Jen. She does a barrel load of work not always in her comfort zone. In fact the whole group has had to delve into waters unknown. But if the result is a fantastic, vibrant town hall then we all think its worth it.

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