Move On Up

I was imprecise with my language yesterday in my haste and excitement. I said ‘we’d’ got £350K from the PBIP (Placed Based Investment Programme). Later I was careful to say Portobello Town Hall had got £350K. 

PBIP Fund is Scottish Government money awarded to Porty Town Hall. Porty Town Hall is owned by the Council. Portobello Central’s name was clearly on the paper against the Town Hall bid which was approved and I’m pretty confident the existence of Porty Central and the work we have done this far helped secure these funds for the building that would not have been secured without us. But the funds are not ours to spend. 

This feels to me very much like the Council doing the right thing by Portobello and our Town Hall and working in partnership with Portobello Central to hand the building over in a safe condition. It feels positive and mutually beneficial and I hope that continues. I suspect that soon after we get this £350K spent it’s the big bad world for Portobello Central and Porty Town Hall as we go it alone but that’s a worry/exciting possibility for a future time. 

Just to close, I’d like to thank the Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee for their award. It can’t be easy weighing up these projects. We’ll do our very best to make this one a success. 

Jennifer’s blog #26

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