For anyone perplexed by my ‘three bears’ comment yesterday here is the Porty Podcast .

This was Geoff’s one back at the start of the year in January 2021 when the three bears analogy first emerged.

And then Justin did one the week after which also referenced the three bears, telling a wider story.

They were both done before this 100 days blog so worth bringing them into the record. They both stand a second listen and it’s interesting to stop and reflect how far we have come and that the plans then are still the plans now. 

Loosely The Wash House was baby bear, tucked away and needing looked after and very loved. Bellfield was mummy bear, where all the bustle was and Porty Town Hall was the big, brooding, daddy bear (who is good fun really). Stereotypes aside, we want to see them all thriving. They are all important local  community spaces, all slightly different but there are commonalities between the venues – what’s the phrase: ‘more in common’? That’s why I shared The Wash House’s news about youth workers yesterday. 

We had our weekly team meeting last night and as ever there was lots to cover but a few absences due to hols and few absences in the coming weeks. Don’t worry the fort will be held.

The bears are safe.

There is plenty work to be getting on with. 

Jennifer’s blog #29

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