Round the Table

Held the blog back so I could report on a virtual meeting with the Council at 4pm on the £350K PBIP grant and getting it spent. 

Was a positive meeting again. Money is to be contracted by end March 2022, money can be used on professional services but we want as little of it as possible used that way. A rule of thumb would be 10% on such services. We’re still hopeful the both Scottish Land Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund will provide money for professional services for this part of the project, as long as we get the applications lined up and in and we are tracking to do that. 

Jayne and I caught up last night to revise our budget for the SLF application. We think we’re taking a project start date on June 2021 and need a 12 month projection for that application. Put two local venue treasurers together and they get a lot of fun out of sharing a good budget spreadsheet. Sad I know but it did make us happy. 

Had a lovely walk along the prom with group member Sally whom I’d only met on line until then. That got her and I more on the same page both about the project and just getting to know each other. 

Tomorrow I’ll report back on a peek at the architects drawings in my kitchen with Geoff, me and an interested party who’s shown interest from early days and has some experience of the building. I’m looking forward to the debate. Better go clear the kitchen table before they get here. 

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