High Days and Holidays

So we have moved into  Edinburgh  trades fortnight and many of the Portobello  Central team have gone quiet as they take a well earned break, although all are at the other end of a WhatsApp, should something important comes up.   Jen’s blogs must keep going so each day will be a surprise  as to who writes it.  

Main thing to report is that our SCIO application (to become a charity) has been answered asking for clarification on certain points.   Once points are duly clarified and sent back, we hope that we will become a SCIO sooner than we had originally  thought. So things are moving forward fast.

Could you be one of our trustees?

With SCIO looking positive then our next step will be to appoint more trustees.  We intend to have a real cross-section of the community from young people to retired people and people with time & experience  to commit.

As for myself.  I continue to monitor Portobello Central Instagram, make contacts and have two Prom chats lined up with potential users later in the week.   I am squeezing that in with filming two days of ballet exams to send to the RAD examiners.  Covid has changed so much that we do and the way that we do it.

Morag x

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