Climb Aboard The Good Ship Porty Central

Its a very strange feeling this week.  With some of the group on holiday. The Good Ship “Portobello Central” appears to be flat calm and drifting.  This couldn’t  be further from the reality.  Under the surface those of us still at home are paddling furiously keeping all our sails at the ready. There are meetings to attend, letters to be prepared and sent and answers awaited.

While we are elated by the funds secured so far, we know we must raise a lot more to fund the refurbishment over next few years.  We not only want to repair things, we want to spruce up, freshen and improve facilities, modernise the toilets, and create better access.

One of the key necessities for the near future is looking at climate change and how we can run the Town Hall effectively  and efficiently using technology that is  now available.   Solar panels, ground source heat pumps, double glazing are all words being dropped into conversations. We have a duty of care to the planet and to future generations.

The Town Hall will take time to reach a stage when it will wash its own face.  We have always known this and will seek funding from wherever  we can get it.   We also have to think well ahead to when we open. We have a good, healthy list of people who wish to hire as soon as they can.   Most, like “Discovery Wrestling” are coming out of Covid darkness and desperate  for us to open.   They had events 3 or 4 times a year in the hall.   Stebo Froude, who runs “Northern Soul Dancing” weekends, is one of our strongest supporters.  And the list is getting longer, especially  now that the dream is reality. 

One of our more unusual potential users is: wait for it!  A company of burlesque  dancers.   A group of sassy woman led by the one & only “Sassy von Sparkle”.  She not only puts on shows and entertains but runs a highly successful burlesque school in locations all over the city.  No need to dress up,  as the classes are just a fun way to keep fit (but if you really want too, feather boas are encouraged)

Sassy von Morag  x

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  1. Supporting you every step of the way. You totally got this and we are absolutely there for you. You guys have done fantastic so far and im sure there are amazing things ahead.

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