Have you heard the news?

Did you have the kebabs?

Yesterdays blog was a little spicy in content.  It certainly brought out Geoff’s subtle humour and tickled some people’s  fancy.

Not so exciting  today.  The first two weeks in July people go away and offices run on a skeleton crew.  However we are having talks later this week, together with our architects and council reps to talk about how to spend the £350,000, allocated to repair the roof and ceiling, to prevent further deterioration,  and to make safe.  The state of the roof is not nearly as bad as the rumours of two years ago.  Our hope is that this can get done fairly quickly, so we can open in April 2022.  Read my weekend blog to see if anything  interesting comes up.

Meanwhile the history of the Town Hall and Inverey House (that stood there before) has loosened an avalanche of interest and brought oodles of information from history buffs from all over Britain.  Even abroad!  Good Sir Harry has dredged up loads of discussion.  This is good for us. It spreads the word and gets more people involved.

One missing piece in our campaign; and this is partly because of Covid.   We have been very successful  at reaching people on social media, through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  We also did a partial leaflet drop round houses that informed some of the people what was going on with the town hall.  I was disappointed to speak to several people in the street, on the prom and in shops, who were still wondering what was happening with the town hall.  Today I spoke to neighbours who are not on any social media. They had a vague idea that I was part of a campaign but they hadn’t heard that we had been successful, nor, that we had funding to get started.

My question  is: How do we reach these people?   Do we stand on the Town Hall steps with a megaphone on a Saturday?  Do we get into as many papers as we can?  Could we ask our followers to tell their neighbours and friends the good news and keep them updated?  Get their interest.  After all, this is something  for everyone in the community.

Can we ask you all to do this please?  Speak to wee old ladies, speak to your relatives,  speak to your kids and tell them “This is for you as well”.  We are so grateful to all our supporters. You are the vitamins that make us thrive.

Be safe

Morag 💋

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