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Today I was immersed in filming ballet exams to send to The Royal Academy of Dance examiners.  Covid has delayed so much for many young people.  It’s been great to have this opportunity to be examined by film.

It reminded me that film is a very important  medium to bring people together, to pass on information  and most importantly to entertain.  Cinemas continue to be one of the main ways to go on a date.  Followed by a nice meal or a bag of chips on the way home.  Or a simple way for the family to do something nice  together at the weekend.

Max Blinkhorn, that intrepid sailor who enjoys messing about in boats and making short video blogs of his adventures, was one of the original group who got together to gave birth to “Portobello Central”.  He had to drop out of the process temporarily when one of his boating projects started to take over his time.  But he will be back when we open.  

His idea was to have a giant screen that dropped down on the stage and to have regular film nights.  A quick survey around parents and teens in my school suggested this would be most successful.  Teenagers thought it would be cool to take pillows and watch films sprawled on the floor munching popcorn.  Parents preferred using a chair.  Ideas for types of film were varied.  Parents of small children would be happy with any cartoons or Disney films that kept the children happy.  Some adults wished to see more ‘arty’ type films.  But all agreed it would be very popular.

So I think Max needs to get planning.  The community  has spoken. Come back Max.

So, as my eyes start to close,  I must sleep. I have another long day filming tomorrow.  Or I should say that ‘him indoors’ does the filming and I do the edit and uploading.

On my next blog I might have an update on what gets discussed  at the meeting  today with the City of Edinburgh Council.  I can’t attend myself this time so I will rely on Damian and Geoff to fill us in.

As always

Keep safe


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  1. Hasta la vista, Miss Morag! Happy to work with people who are expert at doing this and we will have support from film buffs and various funders who support initiatives like ours.

    So many great films will show well in our space and it will be an experience to attend our showings rather than “sitting in a chair scoffing expensive popcorn!

    Suggestions for our first film are welcome. How about a “Harry Potter” all-film marathon?” (20 hours)” Alien” all-nighters? Zulu! “Mamma Mia” or “Rocky Horror” singalong? The choices are endless 😀 keep a look out for more on this over the winter.

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