Moving and Grooving

Dog tired

Today brings to an end my foray into filming dance exams. Although I still have to upload them to the examination board. I can feel the mountain  living on my shoulders slither away and I know I will sleep well tonight.

One disappointment for me today was not being able to attend the meeting with the City of Edinburgh Council senior professional officers, to discuss  the what, where, when and how to spend the £350k allocated to the Town Hall from the Place Based Investment Programme.  However Geoff, Jen and Damian attended via teams and it would appear to have been a very positive  discussion.

The primary aim is to get the building open and able to be used by the public as soon as possible.  Our survey and architects report have identified the key issues that closed the building in the first place. Making safe and watertight parts of the roof and also ceiling.  The CEC are keen to get this project moving, so do not be surprised  to see scaffolding at some point and a flurry of activity.

I will not attempt  to talk about  the details , as I wasn’t there myself, so I will pass the blog on to Geoff to fill you in on what decisions  were made.

For me I fear that slumber awaits. I wish you all a good weekend.


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