Chasing Beautiful Boys on the Prom.

So today was a strange day.  It was wet and hot and the work I was supposed to be doing just felt like too much for my sombre  mood.  So an invite to coffee at The Beach Bistro by Stuart and Dave seemed a good way of avoiding the work pile.

Seated at the front window it was possible  to people watch.  I have people watched all round the world and is one of my favourite  things to do.     A neighbour sat under the awning opposite with a friend.  The scene was a bit Vetriannoesque (is that a word?); James Hunter came past walking a dog. Stopped, while I made a fuss of the dog.   On the traffic free part of the prom, a beautiful looking boy was on his roller skates and his friend  (who turns out to be a dancer) was taking photographs of him.   A future project began to metamorphose in my head.  It involved rollerblades, dancers and the Town Hall!   I will say no more. Never mention what’s in your head before you make sure it can be done.

So for the first time ever, I chased a boy; two boys actually; and feeling like a talent scout asked them for their details.   They weren’t  on Facebook  so gave me Instagram details instead.   I told them briefly about the Town Hall and that we hoped to have regular roller dances run by UNITED SK8S  aka James Hunter who, in fact, had just spoken to them earlier. (Small world: The Prom)  I also hinted at an idea I was evolving in my head, but I am not telling you all just yet,  as its a secret.  The roller lad was from South Africa and the dancer from Brazil, but dancing in Dundee.   They were super lovely and posed for photos. With this old woman!  I imagine they thought I was demented but,  Hey Ho there you go! 

Go safe everyone.


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