The Owl, The Lark & The Fish.

Barn Owl

These blogs are becoming a necessary part of my day.  Its a distraction from the mundane everyday  worries that fill my head.  It focuses me and reminds me that we have climbed a mountain so far and reached basecamp. (Jon’s analogy, not mine)  So anything seems possible.

We are still looking at a long climb, but we now have permission to proceed and what’s more we have many more climbers that are there to help us on and to hold the ropes for us.  It reminds me what can be done with determination and faith in oneself and one’s comrades.  

I am also meeting up, chatting online and having coffee with some really, eager  to help, people and potential  users.  That is, people who want to hire to put on regular  events.  This is before we have even opened or advertised that the hall is available.  So if anyone was in doubt that Porty Town Hall was not viable, well, think again.  This baby is for walking honey. (said in a cool American  way)

I usually start my blogs thinking that I have nothing to say, but incredibly thoughts seem to manifest round about midnight.   So that’s when Morag the Werewolf gets her teeth into putting thoughts and ideas to paper.  It’s a great system Geoff  and I have evolved.  I send at 2am and he picks up at 5am when he gets up.  He is the Lark & I am the Owl.  He adds a witty or interesting introduction and then posts  online.

I have to say that sometimes I open up Facebook and do a double take.   The other day, he managed to introduce me by posting a photo of a fish shop and entitled it ‘sell fish’.  I completely forgot that I had written about feeling selfish.

However I really did wonder yesterday morning  when he had me ‘pumped up and full of beans’.  Is Geoff hinting that I am full of wind?  And worse is there something  fishy going on!

As todays blog has swung off course a bit.   I am intrigued to see how he describes  me today. I await with anticipation.

Tomorrow I am going to talk to you about my planned ceilidh.  I have been awarded some money by the Traditional Dance Forum Scotland to go towards opening up traditional dance after Covid.  So it’s a double celebration.

Stay safe


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