Open the doors, and they will come

Early on in this process I started making contacts with potential hirers.  I wasn’t able to promise anything, but people had faith and my list keeps  growing.

We lost some good lets when the hall was  closed with no real warning in June 2019.   

However, we have several past users eager to return.  Brenda Ronnie, who has a Highland Dancing School, has put on competitions in the hall for many a year and is happy to continue putting on competitions.  The interest in Highland is big.  I, myself, danced at age 14 in Portobello Town Hall, winning the East Scotland  Championships.  No wonder I like the Town Hall.

Discovery Wrestling have also said they will be back.  They love the hall and I have talked with boxing promoters as well. (Some may say I just want to ogle sweaty bodies).  I assure you all that I undertake this “only” for the good of the Town Hall.

I have just been looking through my extensive list and the variety of possible hirers range from Pilates and yoga to film school and community photography and even puppy training classes.

I have been contacted by several foodies who want to rent the kitchen by the hour, to cook food, for selling at markets, and for outside catering.  I didn’t realise how popular the kitchen would be!   It’s an ideal kitchen to teach in as well.

In the dance department, we have had interest from a burlesque school which puts on shows and teaches.  Step dance and Highland teachers.  Ballroom and Latin American may be on the cards.  A colleague of mine has said the big hall is ideal for ballroom competitions.  Maybe we need to get a glitter ball.

So, what else I hear you say?  Well, we do hope to make the venue appealing for weddings and other events.   Not everyone realised that the Town Hall has held lots of weddings, and a lot of happy brides have married there.

Carmen Chalmers says she wants to hold some regular  “Maker’s Markets” there.  We used to call them craft markets of course!

There has been talk of pantomime.  My own Lothian Dance Academy shows, of course .  The large auditorium, decent stage, and good acoustics, has attracted interest from producers and promoters and hints about fringe venues.

People have been asking for  smaller rooms and spaces for massage, reiki, therapies, language learning, among other things.

One of the most anticipated  regular event is the highly popular Northern Soul weekends.  Stebo Froude  was a regular at the Town Hall and waits eagerly for the relaxation  of the Covid rules and the opening of the Town Hall doors.

One potential weekly event, and the one that has all age groups, buzzing, is UNITED SK8S, which runs roller disco sessions and parties.  Its really trending at the moment.  James Hunter has run sessions all over Scotland  and can’t wait to do them in PTH.  Us too, James!

I could go on but I fear I have written too much already and put some of you to sleep.  I just can’t  help it.   I am just so excited to tell you all, of the diverse range of people that have approached us to use the Town Hall when the doors finally open.

Stay safe and happy.

Morag ❤

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