New Leaf for the Heart of Portobello

Usually this blog is quite easy to write – I just dash down what ever Porty Central business is whirling round my head. Maybe it’s a sign of a good holiday but there is not much Porty Central business flying round my heid. I’m sure if I just wait a few days it will all be back. 

I enjoyed last night’s weekly catch up meeting and it was great to see everyone (on Zoom) but not sure I took away loads. Here’s what I took from the meeting:

We hope to hear back from the Council team that had access to the Town Hall last week some time in early to mid August (allowing again for holidays) and to get an update on works to be done.

  • We will hold our first official SCIO meeting at next Monday’s meeting and will elect new Trustees and appoint the office bearers.
  • We need to decide on a model for Rob – our heritage consultant – to create his business case which will come from the architects’ options. It is likely a long time off for any of those changes to take place but we need to start the plan now so he needs an answer by end of this month. 
  • We need to give focus to the job description and get that out but given how much changed between getting the Awards for All funding and now, it is not surprising the job spec is morphing. Focus will be less on project managing building work (although that will still be a skill set) but will be more on building a business ready for doors opening.

There will have been lots more covered but that is what I heard and remember the morning after the meeting. 

After we finished the Zoom, I headed up to the allotment to water the bounty flourishing there. Check this huge cabbage – it’s the size of my (empty) (cabbage) heid! It is a thing of beauty. Looking forward to eating it. 

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