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Following on from yesterday’s blog on my dual position on boards of Portobello Central and Action Porty, today’s blog promotes Action Porty’s project to bring community-owned EV (Electric Vehicle) charging to Portobello.

Bellfield already has solar panels and battery storage (something Portobello Central aspire to for Portobello Town Hall). Portobello Central are also in discussion with Porty Community Energy about possibilities to reduce the Town Hall carbon-footprint, albeit the plans are a fair bit off yet without a lease to speak of, but the conversations are there. 

Like us, Action Porty are committed to tacking the climate emergency and in this instance they want to provide EV charging at Bellfield –  an area where very few people have driveways and there are no charging points.

To support this project from Action Porty and Porty Community Energy  please sign here before end July.

There is an EV charger in Portobello Townhall. It was used only for Council vehicles until the venue closed. We’re certainly investigating the spec of the charger and how it could be community-used but we think it was only ever for council vehicles because how else do you solve the issue of access over a busy high street pavement? It is also a low power connection so would need all night to charge.

Anyway, we know it is there. It is something to consider for future plans but meanwhile your climate emergency energies would be best channelled into supporting the Bellfield project. Submitting your email and so support will take seconds. Go on, you know  you want to. 

Jennifer’s blog #36

22 July 2021

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