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Realised after my post the other day that writing about my involvement with Portobello Central and Action Porty without mentioning Conflicts of Interest was an oversight. While developing as a group and still only a company ltd by guarantee, Portobello Central has little in the way of written policies (but we know the need is coming). 

Now that the SCIO is through, a wider range of policies will be needed – mandated by OSCR – one of which is a Conflicts of Interest policy. Additionally a Register of Interests needs created for Trustees. 

We’ve currently got 4 Trustees and need 5 to be quorate. The existing 4 are moving to appoint a 5th Trustee in a specialist capacity to get the SCIO operationally into existence. We’ll then set up a members register promptly, so we can open up as a member organisation and that gives us another route to recruit Trustees (up to 15). 

That arrangement will run till the 1st AGM. While there hasn’t been a conflict of interest arising yet, it is a topic we as a group are and I as an individual am aware of which is why I am very open about my roles in both organisations. 

Now, on to more fun things – Craigmillar and Niddrie Community Festival have published there events programme starting with an opening parade at 11am on Saturday 14th August. You can read about the wide range of things taking place here.  Sounds a really lovely event and some things do need booking before hand, so do bear that in mind. 

Lastly definitely not least – just wow on the creation of a new mural on Toddler Hut over the weekend by Keep Porty Tidy and local artist Dallas (@dullartist)! You can see the work here. What a fab initiative and result. 


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