Porty Party, Perhaps

The big 4-oh. Much like in life when a big birthday approaches, this 40th blog milestone has proven a hump. 

Lacking inspiration for the blog despite a Porty Central meeting as material. Most stuff covered in that meeting has been blog topics in recent days or weeks. 

Suspect what I need is a big party but they just aren’t possible at the moment.

Oh but we can dream of the parties we will hold when we can again. 

Remember dancing, laughing, chatting with friends, silly nonsense – all indoors? Setting a date? Choosing the venue? Putting together the invites? Preparing the food, the drinks list, the entertainment? The excited pre-chat, the event itself? The after party mess and clean-up? Sharing the photos and laughing again at all the silly chat? And dancing, did I mention dancing – in a group with people you love!? Oh I miss it. 

I hope we can have parties again soon. And just to link this to the topic, I hope we have Porty Town Hall full of parties again at some point in the not too distant future.

There, the hump blog is written. Imagination and memories. Thank goodness for both. 

Jennifer’s 40th blog. 

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