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Yesterday I turned to imagination and memories to conjure up a party. Today I’m going to have a flight of fancy about how the Town Hall might end up. 

We’ve often chatted among the group about how the Town Hall glowers like a brooding presence on the High Street. 

We’ve likened those frosted windows to eyes with cataracts, staring blindly out. That frontage, which should be a town square, an open, welcoming gathering space, appears closed and unwelcoming. 

Behind those ‘cataract eyes’ are – would you believe – actually wildly spacious toilets, if rather old-fashioned. Now I’d love for the building to be open and serving a public function, offering public toilets but I also think that service can be provided with the toilets in a different location in the building. 

If that front was opened up, what would you want to see? Porty High Street is already well served for cafes so that doesn’t seem a sensible addition but a civic space, like a gallery or exhibition space is possible. Or retail units? We know the High Street is precious and fragile and are under no illusions that changing the front units into retail units would be an easy option but what could we do there? 

We are so lucky to have as many independent businesses on the High Street so we only want to develop and add to that. What shops would you want to see? What would you want the front to look like?

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  1. Open up the front a la the Festival theatre, a reception area, catering hub , and group meeting place. Plenty room in front and besides looking great would not encroach on halls capacity.

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