Am running a bit behind myself. Am sure I’ll catch up soon. Been thinking about being out and about and whether people have tickets booked for festival events. It would be that time of year – it is that time of year. Last year there was little or no Edinburgh Festival. This year there are things on I think but I’ve not got any tickets yet……what do folk recomend? 

I am going to help at and hopefully see bits of the Craigmillar and Niddrie Community Festival and am pleased that has come together with such a good programme (I shared it before but it was a bit buried in other news so I’m sharing again – here. I think the Scottish Chamber Orchestra events and the exhibition by Nihal Al Turk, local Syrian artist showing at Craigmillar Now look good.

I am glad to see Art Walk taking it’s usual place in Porty life and look forward to popping into their new temporary venue in the Baptist Church cafe

However. what could or should we be going to see in the coming months and weeks? What might tempt us further than our doorstep in the coming weeks? 

Jennifer’s blog #42

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