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Hello folks, 

Hope you are still reading these? Hope you didn’t mind my break for the holiday – was relaxing and lively and sunny 4 out of the 5 days. 

I’d said I’d be back on Sat but a few family circumstances overtook me at the weekend and I’ve delayed picking up the blog gauntlet till today. My mum had a bit of a fall on Sunday and that has diverted my attention and energies. She’s okay, no bones broken but a bit shaken up. She’s sorted out enough for me to turn my thoughts to blogging again so here is #47.  

It feels like Porty Central are moving again after, what the Americans might call ‘summer recess’. The holidays are over, the nights are fair drawing in and there is a faint chill in the evening air! Back to business. 

There was a meeting of the four existing SCIO trustees on Tuesday night to appoint a fifth trustee and make the organisation quorate and hence able to undertake activities. We were able to appoint Stewart, one of the regular team, as a Trustee and then as Treasurer on the basis he had specialist knowledge – as an accountant – to bring skills to bear (and he volunteered for the post!). We’ll soon have a membership from which we can drawn more trustees. You are reading the blog of the newly appointed Vice Chair of Porty Central SCIO. Other office bearer posts will go out in a newsletter any day now. I’m hoping my post as chair will be short lived so that the pool of people running community venues expands in Portobello but I look forward to the role in the coming months. 

On the comms front, I had the pleasure of chatting to my neighbour, a Porty Reporter journalist about the Town Hall project. There should be an article on our project in the next edition and he was gathering info from me. He’d done his research and had a copy of ‘Portobello Direct’ and the latest Progress Report but I hope I added some deeper insights.  I was really pleased to see the our article in Porty Direct and thanks to the Comms team and volunteers for getting that out there. Have you got your copy?  (See picture).

I’m going to be enjoying Craigmillar and Niddrie Community Festival at the weekend and am going to give them another plug here – do check the programme, there is loads of fab stuff and free stuff. Use it or lose it!

It’s nice to be back. 

Jennifer’s blog #47

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