Chasing rainbows

Oh my, the people properly doing the 100 days project are on day 73. This is #48 for me. I’ve lost 25 days some where along the way. How careless! 

I love watching the Portobello artists working this 100 day discipline. I’m following the ever joyful Jenny Martin and her prints. Dani at Tribe always commits full to this project and is doing a series of drawings of body parts. There is a photographer, Alicia Bruce doing 100 dooks, a potter, a couple of poets. Impressive company I’m almost keeping up with.

I was chasing rainbows today for a local artist pal. Imagine pinning your project work on something as elusive as rainbows! Found myself calling her as I cycled home about 7pm telling her to get down to the beach fast. Hope she made it. It was a cracking rainbow.

Chasing rainbows…pots of gold at the end. Will the Town Hall be a pot of gold? An elusive dream? A magical reality? Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a land that I dreamt of once in a lullaby…..

We dare dream. And the dream is becoming a reality fast enough. Slowly. Step by step. 

If you have something you’d like to run in Porty Town Hall, a wee rainbow you’ve been dreaming of, a wee pot of gold you have pictured in your mind, get in touch with us on and start the conversation. You never know where it might lead…..

Jennifer’s blog #48

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  1. I too was watching the rainbow Jen. It was intense. I was thinking that if I was down in Port Seton I would be at the other side and the rainbow 🌈 would appear to land on our town hall.
    Which makes me wonder. Do we have Rainbows or Brownies in Portobello.
    Can anyone enlighten me?

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