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I’ve said before that I ought to plan better for Friday blogs – I work a longish day on a Friday and after I finished work on Friday I got on the bus to Glasgow where Mum is still in hospital after her fall. She’s improving, nothing was broken and should be out soon. You can visit any time as all patients have their own rooms. I got there for 10pm and caught up with her for half an hour before her bedtime. I am writing now from my parents’ house in Bearsden. Rarely a spare minute on Fridays. 

I’ll also visit her tomorrow morning sharp with my Dad but want to be back East by midday on Saturday as the Craigmillar Festival parade takes place then and I’m helping out at the Scottish Chamber Orchestra performance at Craigmillar Castle in the afternoon. I’m also down to record vox pop feedback. Despite personal circumstances I didn’t want to miss that and it can all fit together somehow!

I really, really hope Porty can have a festival next year to celebrate the opening of the Town Hall but also to celebrate the people’s culture of the area – we have so much going on. I have been so impressed watching at the side lines of the development of this revived community festival. I’ve been watching and learning as it built up over the months and took shape. There is such a rich and varied programme now. 

I plan to work and enjoy this afternoon at the festival. I’ll report back in tomorrow’s blog. 

Watch this space…

Jennifer’s blog #49

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