It’s Ours, Just Not Yet

Today I have to start by thanking Keep Porty Tidy for just coming along and weeding the steps of Portobello Town Hall. Thank you guys. It was needed and much appreciated.

I took a walk past to admire the work and it really did look good. As I walked by I noticed we have posters on the noticeboards saying ‘Portobello Town Hall – It’s Yours’ which it is but…..well it could be a little bit confusing. 

We are getting a fairly regular stream of enquiries about getting into or using the Town Hall and after all the campaign and chat on here people would be forgiven for thinking Portobello Central had the building. 

However we don’t yet have any lease or any right of access. We have a good relationship with the Council team and can ask for access but I thought it worth reiterating here the point that we don’t have a lease or a firm date for opening. 

We are working to April 2022 as the £350K Scottish Government funding needs to be committed by end March 2022 but given the heated nature of the construction market it is not guaranteed that the work will be finished then so the opening date might be more like June 2022. We are watching and waiting and steering the project along as much as we can influence. 

We are keen to hear from people with enquiries to use the building. If you have enquires, however tentative, please do get in touch on

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