Aw, Knorr…

Going to be silly and nostalgic today as I write to you from my parents’ house in Bearsden. 

I went to a dinner for those who’d helped organise the Craigmillar and Niddrie Community Festival on Sunday evening. 

One of the participants, a lady called Heather Henderson whom I’d not met before spoke about the origins of the festival and the involvement of her, her family and a man called Johnni Stanton (who had a poetry award in his name in the revived festival), in the creation of works performed at the festivals. There is great info on the archive in various places so you can look that up if you wish. 

Johnni Stanton

My silly and nostalgic blog today is going to highlight an iconic advert from my childhood. It seems Heather’s sister, Faye, went on to become an actress and, while she had various roles that were mentioned, I was star struck to learn on Sunday night that she was in the Knorr Stock cube adverts!!

There were three of these ads – each a classic. All are available on YouTube. Since the festival meal on Sunday, this one has been playing in my head and making me chuckle. 

For those who know, they’ll know. For those who don’t, this will be an education. All I’m going to say now is ‘pea and ham, from a chicken’ and leave you to finish the sentence…..

Tomorrow I hope normal blog service will resume!

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  1. Awww that’s brilliant, it was my sister Faye Milligan, she was part of the Craigmillar Arts Team (CAT) Faye & Johnni worked together in the CAT team, they were the ones who helped strip out all the pews in the Art Centre church & make it into the Art Centre, Faye also volunteered for the Craigmillar Festival Society & her & Johnni started the Craigmillar Drama at Richmond Church, along with Douglas Galbraith the Minister at Richmond Church. The drama then eventually moved to the Jack Kane Community Centre once it opened & Faye was the only person to do 30yrs plus of the Craigmillar Drama & continued to be the Drama teacher up at the Jack Kane Community Centre, her drama class was called Drama & Toast because she made tea & toast for everyone who came to her class. Faye also appeared in Taggart, professional pantomimes in Glasgow & Ayre, she also did plays at the Art Centre for the Edinburgh Festival & she is in the film “The Steamie & of course in the knorr stock cube adverts. Faye sadly died in 2003 & I have a Faye Milligan Memorial Arts Award that has been going around the primary schools in Craigmillar in her memory since 2004 & she has a street named after her just off the Wisp named Milligan Drive.,

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