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So there it is. Summer hols are done. The day they broke up we heard we’d been awarded the £350K and I was dancing in the Fish Park. Today it is back to school photos, uniform panics, relieved parents and excited/nervous kids. 

Porty Central team are preparing for our first meeting all together again on Monday 23rd Aug. Holidays meant most things stopped. Even if someone only had two weeks holiday, or no summer holiday (Geoff) the fact holidays spread over two weeks and often involve childcare duties mean things slow down. 

You can hear things are grinding back into motion. Been quite odd writing a blog over summer when fewer things are happening. Ah well I’m only half way through the 100 so plenty to write about yet. 

Today I’m going to highlight the Action Porty ‘Porty 2025’ community consultation kick off event on 24th Aug at Bellfield (Celebration Hall) at 6.30pm to 8.30pm (but you can just drop in) . Even if you can’t attend the event (please book if you can) then there is a short survey in the link to feed into to make your thoughts known. This is part of the community venues trying to work together to serve the community, finding out what the community wants and needs and trying to make it happen. 

In a similar vein, The Wash House are taking forward their youth offering and are consulting on a youth café evening  and a youth club so please comment if you have kids in the relevant age categories. 

There is scope to work together to achieve bigger things. Let’s get back to school!

Jennifer’s blog #53 

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