Set Sailing


Today I’m going to share a success for a friend and founding member of what has become Portobello Central, Max Blinkhorn. If Max hadn’t been around at the start it is unlikely Porty Central would have formed. I was thinking about doing it. 

I’d finished my Tribe Women project (now called Keystone and they open for registration on 24th August) and was changing my working life. The closing questionnaire finished with the sentence ‘What is your big hairy goal?’ and I found myself writing ‘To save Porty Town Hall‘ and I knew I’d try. 

I found Max who wanted to get a group of interested parties together and well, the rest is history. The group of interested parties met and something took off.

In the end Max stepped down because his project to set up a sailing club somewhere in the Borders was taking up his time and was where he wanted to focus. Today he shared that after 18+ months, they signed the lease on Whiteadder Sailing Centre today . The Centre is at Cranshaws, between Duns and Gifford. They offer sailing, fly-fishing and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and probably more! Well done Max and team. Great to see your progress and know we lost you to a worthwhile cause (and I know we haven’t really lost you). 

Oh and the Council are open again after summer so we’ll hopefully see building work progress soon.  

Jennifer’s blog #56.

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