Geoff’s Jumper

Multi-coloured Offices

Today I just have to honour founding member and now Porty Central SCIO’s Secretary, Geoff’s new endeavour. He put it on Porty People so it’s in the public domain. You might have seen the post already. It got a fair bit of chat. He plans to to knit himself this ‘Harry Styles‘ jumper. I’m all for this plan. My mother (who is progressing fine post her op) is a big knitter. I often joke with her that without her knitting ‘the devil would find use for her idle hands’. Maybe this project will keep Geoff out of mischief😂. I look forward to hearing how it progresses. 

Only when reviewing my photos of the day for my previously mentioned Blipfoto did  did I notice the similarity between Geoff’s project jumper and the multi-coloured office structures at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. I decided to do the downpour rain as my blip photo and use the coloured boxes as my blog photo (see above).  Remarkable the echo the offices have with the ‘Harry Styles‘ jumper – all squares and oranges. NB Geoff is colour blind, as I think Harry Styles might be, and doesn’t see the orange connections as orange. 

Found myself remarking on the skills and visions of architects who dream up and create these buildings and all the functions and life events that go on in hospitals and that is how I’ll weave (see what I did there) this blog back to Portobello Town Hall. 

Now the holidays are over the conversations with our architects, Munro Allison are starting again and the Porty Central Group need to decide on an architectural vision to go forward and be costed. I look forward to all the functions and live events of Porty Town Hall taking place some time in the near future. 

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