Wednesday: We had a brief zoom meeting of the SCIO Trustees to agree a Membership process for the SCIO so soon enough that will be shared and the recruitment drive will begin. Focus now for the team is to get the description of the work to be done by the Development Manager (if that ends up being the title) finalised and made public. It is top of our list, honest!

Jennifer’s blog #61

Usually my blog post is written at the close of the day and is posted early the next morning by Geoff, our early bird.

Tuesday: Having got home after 10pm from the Porty 2025 consultation (which was fun and inspiring) I didn’t have the energy to write a reflection so I’m cheating a bit here and merging Tues 24th and Wed 25th. 

The good news of Tuesday was that we got confirmation Mum could get out the hospital on Wed if we could get the house ready i.e the bed moved downstairs. A series of good fortune and help meant we could get a bed moved downstairs for her. Getting her home on Wed did mean me setting off at 7.30am on the bus for Glasgow and somehow today (Wednesday) has disappeared in a non-stop but not too manic series of tasks and jobs to get Mum home. She is now sleeping back at the family home in Bearsden as I hope to soon. 

Jennifer’s blog #60.

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