Catching Craigmillar

Cycle by the Sea

Fridays I’ve mentioned before, are full work days but as a Porty Central task, I did follow up with the manager at Craigmillar Now . This is a venue I finally went to during the Craigmillar and Niddrie Community Festival. I’d seen pictures of the wonderful inside on Facebook, knew it was a community venue but had never connected it to the grey, run down church across the busy junction at Fort Kinnaird Retail park. Despite that description it it a long standing community venue with a long history of art works and I was glad to finally visit. 

During that festival I’d managed to catch the art exhibition in there (lovely) and got chatting to the venue manager. She mentioned they lease the building from the Episcopal Church I wanted to follow up with her to pick her brains on that specific topic given Porty central will likely have the same or similar but also to share venue ideas and concerns. 

Mentioning that Festival remains me that the organisers are looking for feedback. If you made it along, please give them your thoughts here.

Apart from sharing a photo of our beautiful seascape from my cycle home, that closes of Friday. 

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