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Did you catch the Porty Podcast yesterday? David Calder has a new podcast partner  – Hazel Darwin-Clements helping him out and this is her debut. I think she’s done a great job.

This week it’s about the ‘Porty 2025‘ community consultation I was at on Tuesday. Porty Central’s own Jayne Saywell spoke to open the event and, as ever, set the tone brilliantly. This event was the first in a series of discussions aimed at imagining the future of Porty – Heart Talk Porty – so just because you missed that one doesn’t mean you can’t attend or join in and we hope Porty Central supporters will get stuck in to the conversations as you so brilliantly did in our 300 Conversations in 30 days last summer. 

There will be an online opening event and conversations too.

Have you been to Porty Art Walk hub yet at 189 Portobello High St? I dropped in on Saturday. It really is worth a visit and a look as the programme is jaw-dropping. Rosy Naylor and team have built an absolutely wonderful, jam-packed event. 

I’ve been rehearsing for @Deirdre MacLeod’s  ‘Future Value’ Performance. Way back in blog #21 I’d shared her call out for participants and knew it was a very tempting project. In the end, I couldn’t resist the pull and signed up. Despite missing rehearsals due to visits to Mum, I am still in. It was the exploration of public and civic space and our relationship with it that (intellectually) hooked me in (how could it not given my involvement with community spaces?) but then the fun and chance to move deliberately in a group won me over.

Having been a fan of Strictly for years but never formally dancing I had known for a while I wanted movement or dance in my life. This project is more movement than dance but who knows, maybe a class at Porty Central’s Miss Morag’s Lothian Dance Academy will be on the cards when she expands her adult classes into Porty Town Hall….. 😌. *

The ‘Future Value’ performances are free on the evenings of Sat 4th and 5th Sept. No booking required. See you there?

Jennifer’s blog #64


* I have no idea if Miss Morag has such a plan. I’m just planting a seed. 

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