Crocodile Rock

I had a lovely day trip to Millport on Saturday. It’s a bit of a family ritual now – my aunties on my dad’s side (92 and 89) have been taking accommodation on the island of Cumbrae most years for the last few years and it’s become a bit of a gathering of the clans. They holidayed there as children. Anyone, friend or vaguely related, is invited to drop by at their open house. 

The ladies are brought and taken home by their various off-spring and thus the many cousins gather too – we’re all cousins, 1st, 2nd 3 times removed. Hence my daughter and I had a day trip to the island yesterday. 

What does this have to do with Porty Town Hall? Well they have a wonderful old building in the centre of the town which really does provide a beating heart of new life – they even use that sort of strap line . A brilliant example of what we are trying to do, been doing it longer than us. 

Also they have a beach. It was interesting being the tourist rather than a local. The owners of the holidays house were full of chat about how busy the island was and how it was impossible to get parked. It did seem busy. 

Following on from yesterday’s blog and previous experience of taking the car to the island and not getting parked in Millport, my daughter and I had left the car in Largs and taken our bikes over. What a joy! We completed the 10 mile circuit of the island in gorgeous sunshine but she won’t let me post any of the photos!

As a tourist, and before my aunties had arrived (so access to the house toilet could not be secured) I had to make use of the local public toilets. I’ve never had to use the public toilets in Porty but I certainly want to know they are well provided. In Millport I am told the public loos – right on the front – had been bought by a local (I have not fact checked this) and they were excellent. There was a machine taking 40p in coins or you could pay 40p by card (I did) to secure access. They were lovely and right beside Crocodile Rock (see photo!). 

Lastly I saw signs up for the same Keep Scotland Beautiful ‘My Beach, Your Beach’  campaign shared by Portobello Online the other day. Portobello Central will need to look into this.

I’ll leave you with a shot of Crocodile Rock. 

It is an inspired, iconic piece of artistic, Scottish tourism. So simple. So effective. Since photography began generations of families (mine included) have been taking pictures of themselves clambering here.  Who’s willing to post a pic of themselves on crocodile rock? Again I am banned by my daughter from posting yesterday’s snaps.

Ps. I’m off on holiday again from 2nd to 6th Aug so my blogs will pause again. I’m keeping track of my 100. 

Jennifer’s blog #45

On the Rack

Geoff’s father, 1932

I ought to plan the Friday blog better. It’s a full working day for me – I work as a carer for the elder at home – and when I’m at work I’m at work. There is no scope to write a sneaky blog in a snatched 20mins like I might have done when I worked in an office. 

However a perk of my working life now is cycling to work. I don’t do it everyday – some days the clients want me and my car so I drive those days but Friday is a busy appointment day and a cycling day. 

What does this have to do with Porty Town Hall? Not a huge amount but my head is going in the direction of cycling infrastructure. It’s not always easy to find somewhere to lock up your bike but I’m usually elsewhere in town when that problem arises for me. 

I know the doctors’ surgery on Porty High St has sheltered bike racks. I see that Tribe Porty’s absolutely aspirational, beautiful bike racks are generally busy and well used. I know the Wash House put in new bike and scooter racks a month or so back so things are changing. Action Porty haven’t got their bike racks at Bellfield yet and part of that is because Bellfield is a listed building so planning permission will be needed there. If/when Porty Town Hall gets some cycling infrastructure we’ll have that to consider too as The Town Hall is also B listed. 

I’ve really become a cyclist in the pandemic and since changing job – the two more or less coincided. I’m still a driver but I am so thankful to be able to ride my bike too – it makes me happy and I never, ever have to think about fitting the gym or exercise classes into my weekly routine. I know not everyone can ride for various reasons so I consider it my duty to get on my bike as often as I can. It has made me more cyclist aware and I look with different eyes at transport now. 

I’ll certainly be looking to have infrastructure at Porty Town Hall to support active travel when Porty Central have access to such decisions! Where are your favourite bike racks? 

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