Teak and Trustees: Boards

Forgot to report in Monday’s blog that I’d attended the Portobello Community Council meeting on Monday night. No Porty Central business on the agenda but the topic of community groups having a seat at the table did come up in a discussion on membership. I think this means Porty Central could have a place. Maybe one to consider…..?

The main debate in the team today was around insurance and if we’d need it if we contract a Development Manager rather than employ one. This initial post will be a contract. Think we are tending to position that they’d have it and we’d not need it yet. See the right riveting stuff Trustees wrestle with?

Meanwhile spent the evening physically wrestling with the sideboard in my parent’s dining room. This room has been converted into a downstairs bedroom for Mum as she recuperates. The room was just too busy (unsafe!) with bed, table and sideboard, so I’ve wrestled this late 1960s piece of furniture to the backroom. A quick search on the name written on the back ‘Tyrells Motherwell’ suggests the shop, or an iteration of it still exists in that area  (although it now has a double ‘r’). Unless it says ‘Tykells’ but that brought back less in the internet search. 

Sitting empty now, having held the booze and good glasses, it made me think of the Town Hall sitting empty. I may need to find new life for this lovely, but no longer serving the purpose it was bought for, elegant sideboard. 

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