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Wed was spent in Bearsden until I rushed back to Porty for a ‘Future Value‘ rehearsal in time to return car to husband to take son and pals to rugby practice.  

The main Porty Central, or specifically Town Hall, news came from one of the Council officers saying: 

‘Just a quick update, JB Bell & Co. are due to visit the site tomorrow morning to undertake a drainage survey. Apologies for the short notice, but it has only been confirmed this afternoon.’. 

Wave if you see them!

Other than that we’re just bouncing the contract spec for a Dev Manager back and forth, finessing it. Should be okayed for release any day now.

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  1. Kind if wishing I had known about dance project and taken part. Although this weekend I have too many things to get done including a walk round some of the exhibits.
    But I will catch a look at Jen and her dancing friends at the Kilns.

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