Pals and Pleas

The few monthly donations landed in our PayPal account at the start of the month, pinging an automatic email notification to

We are hugely grateful to all and anyone who sees their way to make a donation but monthly ones are particularly valued as they allow for some planning. 

Should you wish to send us hope and encouragement in the form of cash donations our PayPal account is here .

Another request to use the halls in October came in today. We fairly often get these sorts of requests sent to us. Guess we are becoming the visible face of Portobello Town Hall which is great. We find ourselves in the slightly odd position, however, of not yet having any rights or access to the hall. We expect the lease to come after the £350K works are done, more in March-April 2022. 

It is lovely we are asked and we do have good relations with the Council Facilities team and can make requests on your behalf. 

The email address for any queries is either Hello or; they both end up in the same inbox.

Keep talking to us.

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  1. That was so easy peasy clicking ‘here’s and donating through PayPal.
    Sorry its only £10.00 a month but small amounts are easier to keep up and it all builds up.
    Even £5.00 a month builds up and what is that? Less than two coffees.
    Please donate if you are able. There is a lot of paint to buy and balcony seats to replace.
    We want a beautiful space for the whole community. Thankyou.

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