Two Birds

Today started with an early morning dunk with Jayne (Chair of Portobello Central SCIO). Was more an excuse for a swim but we chatted a bit of Porty Central stuff too. I thought it was my last of the season but it wasn’t as cold as I feared/expected, so maybe I’ll dook in 2021 yet. 

Late Thursday the Art Walk photography exhibition led by Porty Central core group member, Jon Davey of Jon Davey photography went up on the fence at the sailing club by The Beach House

Last year the exhibition involved pairing Porty people with partners from an Icelandic photography club. This year the participating Porty people have picked friends from around the world to work with. The exhibition link  was shared with the participants on Thursday, so I’d had a chance on Thursday night to review it, but it was only Friday morning before I got to see it for real. Loved it and really touch by it and thrilled to be a part of it. Bravo Jon for pulling this together again!

Saeema from Bridgend has asked me to flag up their clothes swap happening on Sat 4th.

I ♥️ a clothes swap! 

If you can’t make that, hope to see some of you at Porty Market  in Brighton Park tomorrow or at various Art Walk Porty events. It’s a big local weekend. Hope Porty Town Hall can be part of it next year.  

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