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The First Recce 2020

Sunday has been all about the agenda for Monday night’s meeting. A packed agenda but not one I engaged with too much as I was through at my folks in Bearsden earlyish on Sunday. Went with my boy. Was checking in on my parents, cooking up a few meals, changing beds etc but was back for the final performance of Future Value Sunday evening. Debut yesterday. finale today. 

Jon Davey captured it beautifully here.  A few of the Porty Central team were kind enough to come see us and support the event which I appreciated. 

I should make clear, this was not a Porty Central event in any way. It is fully an Art Walk Porty event but I’ve been sharing it cause I’m involved, cause it’s Porty related and I hope because it feeds into community thinking and experiences. This blog is my personal take for 100 days on life at Porty Central as it weaves into my life. 

Other main news is we have a meeting in Porty Town Hall on Thursday afternoon this week with the Council high heid yins, at least high heid yins in the realms of council buildings and works budgets. Hard hats at the ready! Hoping to have (good) news later this week regarding the building work. 

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